Shop4D® imports all of your data from your current point of sale so you can switch overnight. It’s a secure cloud-based system, so you no longer have expensive server maintenance. And importantly, there are no tablets to buy…Shop4D® runs on your existing computers, laptops, phones and tablets.

But more than that, Shop4D® was built with a cutting-edge vision: minimal training necessary. We believe a point of sale shouldn’t require a degree to use. So we got rid of the endless menus and buttons and noise and made something anybody can use simply through platform acclimatization and a small amount of intuitive learning.

For the first time, your shop management systems can work together as a single, intelligent system. Your customer check-in process will work together with your inspections. Your customer relationship management will be integrated with your marketing budget. The critical information and invaluable processes in the RPM ToolKit® will be tied directly into your point of sale.

For the first time in your life — for the first time in any industry — you can have a point of sale that can actually think and act to protect you.

The business owner no longer has to stop all 17 things he has to do every hour in order to address something that should have been changed yesterday… because the change has already been made.

This is a whole new dimension to running your shop.

This is Shop4D®!

Not only does Shop4D® replace all of those subscription components with intelligent, connected systems, Shop4D® does it for less than our clients report paying for the different pieces of the puzzle.

You can cancel your labor guide subscriptions.

You can cancel your digital vehicle inspection subscription.

You can cancel your customer relationship management subscription.

And you can cancel electronic inspection software.

Let us help you plan your switch! Schedule your live demo today and let’s get started!

Epicor is a registered trademark of Epicor Software Corporation. Epicor is a separate and independent company from Shop 4D.