When Shop4D® helps you build a marketing plan, it does so based on the history (yours, and every other user) of what has actually worked to generate great customers in shops like yours in markets like yours.

By learning your market, it will make sure your marketing dollars are spent in the most effective manner. No more throwing money at promotions and hoping for the best.

Nobody likes wasting money and, a lot of the time, spending your hard-earned cash on advertising and other marketing endeavors can feel like you’re setting cash on fire…

The Shop4D® marketing analysis feature offers an intuitive, data-driven alternative to old-fashioned advertising methods. By tracking the effectiveness of campaigns and drawing on data from an extensive network of shops from around the country, you’re automatically getting the best intel and the most dynamic marketing program possible.

Shop4D® will produce RESULTS from your marketing and finally get you that ROI you’ve always wanted!


Building a relationship with a customer can only happen when you actually reach your customer. Which is why we’ve built artificial intelligence into our marketing and budgeting tools — to help you understand when, where, and to whom to market, and even what message to use to reach them most effectively.


Your customer’s driving habits create opportunities for your shop and your staff, but only if you know about it. Our tools make sure you can take advantage of that.

We believe that if your customer’s driving habits change, your marketing should change to keep up. Our mileage tools use proper names in addition to machine learning combined with Mitchell and Motor labor guides to more accurately predict when your customer is due for service based on how they’re driving now.


What if you could know when a client is almost ready to never come back to your shop? What if you knew every time a customer was starting to stray and starting to try out your competition? Using our industry-leading knowledge of customer loyalty and trust, Shop4D® can identify clients in danger of becoming lost.

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