Shop4D® replaces every component of your shop management with smarter, more intelligent systems so that you can cut the chaos and the meetings and the activity and get back to managing a successful business.

On your first day, Shop4D® will provide you with a dedicated Onboarding Specialist, a Shop4D® practice shop to prepare you and your team for the transition, and FREE unlimited training sessions from Shop4D® president David Rogers, and the GM of our repair shop who uses Shop4D® every day!

I invite you to view additional REAL RESULTS from REAL SHOPS across the country that have upgraded to Shop4D®, and never looked back. If you are ready to see Shop4D® up close and personal, complete with a live Q&A session, we invite you to join a live walk-through TODAY. Space is limited, because we want enough time to answer your questions.


Results are from real shops using Shop4D®. Your experience and results can vary based on how you use the program, your dedication to training, the size of your shop, your shop and technicians’ production capability, and your accountability to the Shop4D process.


“On-boarding has been fantastic with no issues. I love how quick the Shop4D team and tech support responds to help us with our questions and needs. The team is surprisingly transparent through the whole setup and process. We know what they are doing to help us, and they inform us of where we are at in the process so we never have to wonder. The tech support is so much better than our last point of sale company, and I will even say better than any add-on company’s tech support. Shop4D tech support is the best I have ever dealt with – and we have had experience with a lot of different companies. The training has been a breath of fresh air. I now have new ways to look at the numbers – especially since everything is integrated in one system. This is revolutionary and really changing how we run and manage our business, with the help of the owners and team at Shop4D. The team at Shop4D makes their clients feel like family. Well done Shop4D, and thank you!”

- Steve Herold, Herold Family Service


Live Walk-Through sessions are available on Thursdays.

Please verify the time for the date you selected works for your availability.
Session times are 11 am PST, 12 noon MST, 1 pm CST, and 2 pm EST.
Live sessions have limited availability each day in order to answer all of your questions.

Last minute bookings are not guaranteed.

Choose your LIVE Shop4D® Walk-Through session on this calendar by selecting one of the remaining available spaces!

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