Q. Does Shop4D® just replace my Point of Sale system?

A: No. It replaces your point of sale, digital inspections, customer management system, labor guide, texting program, and email reminders, all while integrating the RPM ToolKit® measurement, accountability and training.

Q: Will Shop4D® require extensive training to use?

A: No. Shop4D® was built with a cutting-edge vision: minimal training necessary. We believe a point of sale shouldn’t require a degree to use. So we got rid of the endless menus and buttons and noise and made something anybody can pick up quickly through an intuitive interface…no weeks of onboarding or dense manuals to wade through.

Q: Will I have to buy new/additional hardware to be able to use Shop4D®?
A: No. Forcing you to buy tablets seems wrong. So we built our inspections (and the rest of Shop4D®) to run on the devices you already have — tablets, desktops, laptops, even your smart phone.

Q: Is my old Point of Sale data retrieved and loaded into Shop4D® quickly and easily?
A: Yes. Shop4D® imports all of your data from your current point of sale, so you can switch seamlessly.

Q: Will our tech support and customer service be quick to respond and offer top-notch service?
A: Yes. Tech support is available for Shop4D® clients, with a discussion forum and Live Chat offering users the opportunity to engage with system experts, fellow shop owners, service writers, and techs. Also, we have built-in training and tutorials to help you get up to speed.

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