Shop4D® Enterprise

Real solutions for Shop Owners managing multiple locations!



Shop4D® is built for multi-shop operations!

How much can any shop owner really control across multiple shop locations?

In a single location, an owner can see and control everything. Policies, procedures, personnel, customer interactions, and more. With the help of a superstar manager, that control can extend to a second location.

And with Shop4D, that control can extend to all your locations, regardless of how many superstar managers you attract, hire and train.

Shop4D® Enterprise was developed to optimize and maximize multiple location service center production processes, management and profitability as you grow because this is the FIRST and ONLY program that automatically manages many of those areas FOR those employees.

Shop4D®’s superior optics allow you to observe each Key Performance Indicator of individual shops and employees in real time as well as comprehensive composite reports comparing your shops and employees to each other across your enterprise. These reports quickly identify deficiencies so you can fix them as they’re discovered…using the resources and training provided within Shop4D®.

And when you’ve made a change, Shop4D® automatically measures the results, so you can see your changes reflected in the bottom line no matter where you are -- your office, while travelling between locations, or even while on vacation.

Service writers and technicians benefit from Shop4D® as well. Customer and inventory searches include all locations, meaning your team can pull customer history and view in-stock inventory from all locations. Technicians can view previously recommended work by all branches, so your team has institutional memory when it comes to customer inspections and recommendations.

If you’re ready to take your operation’s profitability and efficiency to the next level – even as your presence is less critical for that success – schedule a demo of Shop4D® below!

Shop4D® Enterprise has EVERYTHING you need

➤ Manage all shops remotely from a computer, tablet, or smartphone
➤ Robust, real-time reporting in the RPM ToolKit®, from payroll to live customer progress, shop financial metrics to employee performance. Set your target and measure every location’s performance with no extra input!
➤ Fully integrated shop management – each Shop4D® subscription includes POS, CRM, Digital Vehicle Inspections, VIN Scan, multiple labor guides, diag info and parts sourcing in a single intelligent system where each of these component talks to each other.
➤ Patent-pending technology using Artificial Intelligence to help you manage your shop’s benchmarks, employees, diagnose vehicles, advertise to customers, and run your shop.
➤ Compare your employees location to location within your company
➤ Compare your employees against performance of other employees across the country
➤ Inventory Management and Core Tracking for all locations
➤ Fully integrated CRM, Parts Ordering, Labor Times, Repair Guides
➤ Complete integration with QuickBooks
➤ A/R management and tracking
➤ Unlimited robust training program –including your own practice shop, free live webinar training sessions, written and video tutorials, podcasts, articles and classes.
➤ World Class tech support available by live chat within Shop4D® or by phone.
➤ All of your shop history is ported into Shop4D® and ready for you to serve your customers on day one. Search and update Customer Service History for all locations, from any of your locations.
➤ Integrated VIN scan and Digital Vehicle Inspections that are smarter and faster, and allow owner to confirm their technicians are routinely doing a thorough inspection
➤ Shop4D® has built-in communication tools to improve dispatching and workflow and eliminate the chaos.
➤ Shop4D® helps you build your marketing plan based on your history and learning your market, making sure your are spending your marketing dollars in the most effective manner.
➤ Cloud-based program, so you have no servers to buy or maintain and it runs on your existing computers and tablets.

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Results are from real shops using Shop4D®. Your experience and results can vary based on how you use the program, your dedication to training, the size of your shop, your shop and technicians’ production capability, and your accountability to the Shop4D process.