8 Products in 1 Automotive Shop Management System

Shop4D® replaces every component of your automotive shop management system with smarter, more intelligent systems so that you can cut the chaos and the meetings and the activity and get back to managing a successful business.

Shop4D® replaces your electronic inspection tool, iATN, reporting tools, and marketing tools. No need for multiple payments to costly services. Plus Shop4D® integrates with Quick Books.

When you subscribe to Shop4D, you get everything you need for day to day shop operations:

Parts sourcing: Epicor account creation and monthly service – meaning your ability to search for, quickly add, and seamlessly order parts — is included in the Shop4D® price.

Labor guides: monthly access to both Motor and Mitchell labor guides is included in the Shop4D® price.

Repair diagrams and repair procedures: access to Motor diagrams, repair procedures, VIN decoding, and more is included in the Shop4D price.

Digital vehicle inspections: Shop4D® comes with digital vehicle inspections, and the default inspection is the same one we developed and continue to use in our own shop. You can also copy this inspection and customize it however you want for no additional cost.

RPM ToolKit: the industry’s leading benchmarking, measurement and accountability tools are included in every Shop4D® subscription for no additional cost, and seamlessly integrated with to the repair orders you build in Shop4D®.

Quickbooks: Shop4D® comes with built-in integration to Quickbooks Desktop and Online for no additional cost. Because Shop4D® developed these integrations in-house, you can work with the same top-notch customer service you already know and love when you have questions about Quickbooks.

Texting and Emailing: Shop4D® includes the ability to send texts and emails, both on a ticket level (so you can send links to inspections or repair orders), and through a marketing module (so you can send targeted messages to groups of customers). Emails can be sent at no additional cost, and texts can be sent for fractions of a penny each.

Touchless payments: by default, Shop4D® includes touchless invoice authorizations, touchless inspection reports, and through our partnership with Serve First solutions, even touchless payments.

Carfax: Shop4D® has partnered with Carfax to provide free (and seamlessly integrated) access to plate-to-VIN and Service History tools from Carfax.

Weekly, interactive training: Shop4D® users can attend training as often as they want, and are always welcome at our live, weekly, interactive training classes. We hold Technician Tuesday trainings and Owner/Advisor Wednesday training on evenings each week.

All of these things are included in every Shop4D subscription.

As you compare shop management systems, as yourself whether how many additional subscriptions you’ll need to pay for each month in order to get all of these tools.

We’re positive you’ll find that Shop4D® is the BEST DEAL IN SHOP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS!

Want to see how all of these pieces work together seamlessly?


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