ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION Why should your team have to use multiple tools and multiple websites just to get their job done? Each time they have to change browsers, log in, and have to jump through all the hoops of filling our drop down menu after drop down menu in each and every program they search in order to find the data they are looking for, it means lost minutes and lost productivity…leading to hours of lost billable hours every day. We built Mitchell and Motor data right into Shop4D® so your team has the tools to do their job all in the same place and they can keep billing hours.


Your tech is most valuable when billing hours, which is why we built Shop4D® to cut out everything else. We made the digital vehicle inspections integrate seamlessly with the labor guides so that your technician can do their estimate in seconds rather than minutes. When all of the tools and knowledge your tech needs are at their fingertips, there’s no chance for distractions, unwanted conversations, or wandering around the shop waiting for a computer to load. They’re just doing what they do best: fixing vehicles.


When your inspections are an add-on to your point of sale, they can’t work together with the rest of your shop. We built inspections that are integrated from the ground up with your customer check-in, your advising, your marketing, and more. These inspections don’t get lost when you send them into your history.


Forcing you to buy tablets seems wrong, so we built our inspections (and the rest of Shop4D®) to run on the devices you already have — tablets, desktops, laptops, even your smart phone.


Holding your team accountable to doing thorough inspections is a critical part of growing your shop, so we built tools right into our inspections to help YOU understand just how thoroughly your techs are inspecting every vehicle. If somebody is pencil-whipping your inspections, you’ll know about it.

The Shop4D® digital vehicle inspections aren’t an add-on…they’re a complete, integrated inspection and workflow solution designed to make your entire shop smarter and more efficient.


The RPM ToolKit® is the industry leader in shop growth and profitability tools, giving owners the ability to fix problems with laser-like precision.

But a point of sale with RPM ToolKit® built in is a whole new ballgame.

The RPM ToolKit®’s measurement, profitability, training, and accountability tools can now monitor your shop in real time and make adjustments so your shop never misses a key benchmark.

The RPM ToolKit® is integrated into Shop4D® from the ground up and doesn’t require any additional sync, meaning you’ll have up-to-the-second monitoring as soon as you start using Shop4D®.


Your service writers have enough to worry about. Finding the right parts for the job shouldn’t be one of them. Shop4D® has partnered with Epicor to provide truly integrated aftermarket parts ordering so you can get the right parts for the best price from the vendors you’re already using…all with no additional bills to you.

And unlike other point of sale systems, Epicor is included in the regular cost of Shop4D® with no separate subscription to maintain…saving you money and your service writers time.

Epicor is a registered trademark of Epicor Software Corporation. Epicor is a separate and independent company from Shop 4D.